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Survey Update

Over the last few months the project team has progressed several surveys in Mountmellick:

Topographic Survey - work has been progressing on the hydraulic modelling of the Owenass, Pound and various tributaries.  Drone technology used by Murphy Surveys as part of their earlier contract allowed high resolution, remotely sensed topographic survey data to be extracted and incorporated into the hydraulic model along with data from a number of other sources.   


Japanese Knotweed treatment - A second round of treatment has been carried out on the stands of invasive Japanese Knotweed in the study area.  Japanese Knotweed is highly invasive and spreads quickly to take over from other plants.  It has the ability to grow through gaps in tarmac, concrete and earth embankments and if untreated could compromise the flood defence in the future.  A further round of treatment will be applied in October, and again next summer.


CCTV Survey - a tender has been let for CCTV Contractors to survey the inside of four culverts within the study area.  The tenders are currently being reviewed and works will begin in the coming weeks.  As two of the culverts are located in alongside the Manor Road, a traffic management  system will be put in place but it is anticipated the works will be less than a day.  More details of these works will be provided when a start date is confirmed.


Site investigation - a tender has also been let for site investigation works, covering an area alongside the Owenass and Pounds rivers in Mountmellick town.  The process of appointing a contractor is now underway, with works commencing in the Autumn.