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SI Continues and CCTV survey commences

Over the last few weeks, SI survey around Mountmellick has continued, with the survey team providing valuable information on the ground conditions in the areas where scheme solutions may be built.  It is important we understand the type of foundations that may be needed for a wall or embankment, or know the sort of material that might need to be removed in other areas.  We are also having works carried out at some bridges and road crossings to assess the foundations of existing walls and understand where services may run.

We also carried out a site visit on 30th November.  The aim of the visit was to inform the modelling of flood management options but looking at walls, culverts and other features on the ground.  It also gave us a chance to meet (in a COVID safe manner) with council and OPW engineers, and a number of residents and businesses.  All provided useful information on past flooding and the possible options for managing the flood risk in the future.

Our sub-contractors, Enva, will be starting CCTV survey later this week.  Four structures have been identified where we need a better understanding of the condition and route of the culvert and the internal survey of these structures will give us the information we need.  Once we know the condition of the culverts we can make plans for their future maintenance.

SI drilling rig in the Baker field, Mountmellick